Rev. Evelyn Harris

I am a 5th generation Methodist pastor, serving at St. Luke UMC in Stuart Heights, where my mother served over 20 years ago as an associate minister. Affectionately named Rev. Ev by the Rivermont community, I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and the University of the South-Sewanee. My passions include horticulture, music, and serving in the community. My core values are diversity, respect, and partnership.

Contact: pastor@stlukechatt.org  or by phone: 423-877-6447 ext. 3

Amy Brauer

I’m a Chattanooga native with a background in visual art, education, and design. From teaching painting to throwing parties, my happy place is using creativity to foster human connection and bolster community. I love culinary history, liturgical art, and good board game design. I’m excited to be serving at St. Luke!

Contact: communications@stlukechatt.org  or by phone: 423-877-6447 ext. 2

Jeremy Dowlen, Sexton

As a Chattanooga native. I spent my youth living and working on a small dairy farm in north Hamilton county. I dedicated twenty years of work to the US Postal Service, and am a recent college graduate. I have done service work, maintenance, welding and fabrication, carpentry, blacksmithing, and spent a brief time in the design industry.  I am a musician who plays the mandolin and standup bass, and I recently fell in love with the fiddle. I play in an upstart band called the “GrimmRiffers”. I also enjoy outdoor sports. My new goal is to run ultra marathons in the Paleo running style. I hope to serve God and the Church with dedication using my gift as a “renaissance man” worker.